My name is S. and I’m addicted to blogging

I can’t believe I’m posting right now! This is turning into an addiction! Who cares? 

The Hunger Games was awesome! Only problem is that I have to go buy the 3rd book now.. which means I have the buy the first 2 also because that’s how I am (no excuses sorry lol). On I forgot, the thing with my ex colleagues was nice too. Then I came back home with my Bf, he’s sleeping now… Jack is licking his paws between my bf’s legs…usual Friday night! 

Just after I posted my last entry my sister came over and we managed to fight…over hair! She always needs to put t for me down by saying how much nicer her hair is or how flat is my butt or how much darker I am… I really don’t care about these stuff because I love my hair and my skin color I wouldn’t change it for the world. Not true I hate my hair, but I love how they look when i take care of them. Except for when she tells me how fat I am, her comments don’t really affect my self-esteem but it still sucks to hear someone constantly putting you down.

I doesn’t understand how she can be so superficial! She is very shallow! She judges people on how they look, what car they drive and how many languages they speak. It really annoys me when she does that.. It’s true that we were pretty comfortable back home in terms of money, but my mom always made sure to remind us of how lucky we were and show us the value of hard work. She works in development and most of her work was about gender equality and economic development of small towns so they can become self sufficient. She took us on vacation to the poorest towns and we made friends with kids that didn’t have the same opportunities that we did.. I don’t understand how she became such a snob.I have some prejudices, I’m not gonna lie, I think everyone have some but I try to get rid of them. My main prejudice is with people that don’t have any manners, it just makes me very mad! (I’m working on it) .

Sometimes I get scared for her, I worry that she will choose the easy road through life. She has so much potential! I just hope she uses her leadership abilities for good. I should stop talking about her because then I can’t stop! She has traits that I HATE on other people… but she’s my sister, I can’t live without her. She can be very sweet when she wants too, it’s rare but when it happens she makes you forget all she has put you through.

Tomorrow I wanna eat a proper breakfast with eggs and pancakes. I hope I wake up early enough to go get some at the breakfast place near my house with my bf. I don’t have anything planned for tomorrow during the day…maybe I should send some emails… I need to know if the University is gonna cancel my class because of my immigration problems. I hope they do because the money would do me good. My bf bought his plane ticket to go home for the holidays… I still can’t buy mine because I don’t know when I’m gonna get my damn papers UGH! Okay let me stop thinking about it or I’m gonna go crazy.I really need to start planning my year!

So lesson of the day: You should maintain a healthy distance with your family. 

Nighty night my loves! And good morning the ones on the other side of the world !



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  1. I love the hunger games series – I bought the whole set after the first movie. I can’t wait to see the second movie. 🙂

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