Small victories

Hey my loves! Two things: 1) anxious me took a pregnancy test yesterday 2) I got my periods yesterday. The test was basically  pointless but on the bright side…It saved me two hours of stress LoL. Now I understand why I’ve been so down PMS+Depression=DISASTER. I HATE MY PERIODS!!! 

So today I had my psy appointment, it went very well we talked about the abuse, my nightmares etc… I told her I was ready to deal with the real stuff. I was very sleepy after the session but I forced myself to go to the library to pic up book and I went to the bank! (Small victories). When I got home I passed out… I just woke up, but now I’m doing the laundry. I’m gonna enjoy sleeping on clean sheets :). I’m now watching The Big bang theory then it’s X factor! Way to forget about my problems! Jack is happy because we’re going up and down the stairs for the laundry.

I’m not inspired today so lesson of the day: Don’t take a pregnancy test when you are not late and you use birth control!


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  1. I was meant to wash my sheets today. I didn’t though…
    congrats on finding out why youve been feeling so rubbish.
    glad psy appointment went well too 🙂
    Keep well.

  2. Oh i LOVE the Big Bang Theory! I’m so glad today went so well for you!

  3. I LOVE BBT…. Sheldon is the best anti-depressant out there. He just rocks! I’ve enjoyed reading your writing and learning what you have to say. Kudos to you for reaching out to your therapist and having a good day…. this just makes me happy. Work work work…. that’s what’s going to lead to something special… good for you.

  4. Glad you had a good day. Small victories is right. Hugs!

  5. I’m glad that your appointment with your therapist went well, and that your pregnancy test turned out the way that you hoped. Sounds like Jack is having a good day, too.

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