Psy appointment/Cold day

Today I had my psychotherapy session, it went well as always. I always feel renewed when I get out of her office, Its such a good feeling. I couldn’t say the same about my psychiatrist appointments, my next one is tomorrow, they’re pretty depressing,sigh…Anyways, Let’s focus on the positive! Nah… I have nothing positive to say, I’m cold!!! I think it’s time to take out our winter jackets! I think i’m gonna snuggle in bed all day… not because i’m depressed but because the weather doesn’t want me to get out of the house… yes, I’m blaming my laziness on the weather.

Today the X factor is on so I have something to do from 8 to 10 until then I have to find a show to burn a few brain cells. I wanna give my brain a break today. I’ll probably end up spending the day watching Ted Talks and Documentaries but one can only hope…lol 

On a serious note, I really hate Seroquel! I hope my psychiatrist put me on something milder because I’m tired of feeling like a zombie. That thing sucks the life out of me! OMG!  I completely forgot that I have school tomorrow… I haven’t been to class for 3 weeks now, I think it’s about time for me to try to catch up. It’s been very hard for me to stay seated in a class listening to the teacher. I think the size of the class intimidates me too. I can’t drop the class so I need to find a way to pass it. So sorry brain, no break for you today.

I’m gonna take a nap now… I’ll blog later 




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  1. I think this weather makes us all wanna stay in bed. Hope you manage to sort something with the seroquel… its a harsh medication on energy

  2. Yes, there are times our mind needs a break. Hope you feel better tomorow. God bless and thanks again for the “follow” to “”

  3. i took seroquel for a while..i also felt like a zombie. it also gave me crazy life like dreams! i also have a hard time at school sitting in a class full of people. i always feel like they are all staring at me.
    good luck =)

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