For all those who are feeling lonely tonight…


It’s Saturday night and I think it’s one of the worse days for people with mental illness or for people who just feel lonely. If you have social media it’s the time where your so called online friends update their statuses and upload selfies. A reminder that you are alone, in your room, on your computer and your social contacts become very limited. If you are an insomniac like me, it’s about time to figure out what to do during the night. Are you gonna watch another movie or documentary? Is it gonna be one of those night you will stay up sobbing over your pillow? Are you thinking about your life purpose? Or maybe you just want to die…

Let’s try to survive one more more night. Keep on remembering that a lot of people are like you tonight. You would be surprised how many people are online, looking for something to do, looking to make sense of their life and trying to feel like they’re worthy of love…

News flash! You are awesome! No matter how different and weird you are take it as a blessing. I pity people who measure their worth on how social they are or how they look like. I consider it as a cry for help. So be happy that you are looking for more than that, even though sometimes you feel like you’re the only one feeling that it’s not enough. I think you are well placed to know that you cannot know how someone feels just by looking at their pictures or even by talking to them.Try focusing on yourself, try to find what makes you different in a good way, try to process your different emotions.

We all know we have to take it one day at a time, sometimes an hour at a time. Let’s try to make it through the night  wake up tomorrow a little better and proud of ourselves for living another day. I don’t think words can explain how it can be painful to live or how hard it is no to feel any emotion. The pain of being lonely and the thoughts that come with it can be deadly.SO AGAIN LET’S MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT.

You are not alone and know that at least one stranger is thinking about you right now. You are strong even when you feel weak most of the time. You are loved even when no one shows it to you. You are worth a lot even if you haven’t found your path yet. It’s temporary even when you think it will never end.

I love you all and good night.


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