My little ball of fur


This is Jack, he’s two. I bought him on kijiji last year and it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made. This little dog saved my  life. His previous owners put him on sale on Kijiji for a 100 bucks. When I got him he was dirty, one of his tooth was falling off, his eyes were red, the poor little thing was in very bad shape and was scared of everything. I took him to the vet and of course he gave me an outrageous bill.I had to make a choice, could I leave that innocent dog in such a state? I think that’s when I realized I’ve fell in love with him. Told the vet to do whatever it takes, charged it on my credit card and left him at the clinic. It was the three longest days of my life. I called everyday to know how he was doing, I felt like a part of me was missing. When he came back it was adaptation time. He was scared to take the elevator, he was scared of man, of loud noises, he was always following me.

I’d just got diagnosed with depression and the doctor had put me on sick leave so I had time to take care of him. Surprisingly he took care of me too. He gave me a reason to get out of bed and just the fact that I had to walk him everyday helped me feel a little better. 

One year later, jack is fine, he’s my little prince and acts a little too much like it but it’s my fault I guess. I don’t feel guilty because when I am lonely he is the one who cuddles with me and try to make me smile when I’m crying.Every time I’ve thought about suicide the thought of abandoning him was scarier. I never would’ve thought that an animal could have that much impact in one’s life.

Jack is my baby, my love, my life 🙂


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  1. Hi Jack! tell your mama I am honoured she is following my blog. Depression? Ah yes, it is a time to take stalk on your innermost self…rest…it can be scary but oh, how you walk through enlightenment….later…takes the time it needs; for Jack, well, my Desirée and Josephine (schnauzer and poodle) comforted and soothed my wounds many years ago…best friends forever. Be well…take things one hour at a time. Namaste, Cheryl-Lynn

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